PowerShell EU 2018 Conference

In April 17-20 I had a chance to attend PowerShell Conference Europe for the first time. I've never been to any conference before, but I can say anyway that the PSConfEU 2018 was huge with 300+ attendees and everything was really great.

People from all over the world came to Hanover to meet and discuss all stuff around PowerShell. Apart from the nice talks, workshops were also provided where we could get hands-on experience in various topics like CI/CD pipeline with PowerShell and Azure, security and documentation frameworks. The venue, catering, dinner in Hanover Zoo - everything was just brilliant, thanks to the organizer Tobias Weltner

I was able to meet such heroes as Jeffrey Snover and Bruce Payette, and the PowerShell Team members Steve Lee, Joey Aiello, Dongbo Wang. By the way, Dongbo delivered probably the best talk of the conference about the PowerShell engine (or, at least, the most difficult, hehe): Here is the slide deck.

All talks were recorded and will be available on YouTube later on. I am still waiting for them to recap all the information and watch those I missed. For now, the slide decks are available here.

I have shared some nice pics from the conference:
Opening ceremony Keynote from Jeffrey Snover Joey Aiello is posing with #SadJoey meme running in PowerShell on RaspberryPi:

Next year conference will be held in June. See you there!


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